Sukha Texel & Yoga

Yoga classes

On Tuesday-evening, Wednesday-morning and Thursday-evening you can take yoga classes with Mariëlle. In addition, it is possible to take private lessons. Alone or with your partner. For example when you are expecting a child.

Yoga helps to release physical and mental tensions through physical exercises and breathing techniques. By practicing with attention, you learn where you hold tensions and how you can release them. In doing so you simultaneously calm your thinking. That way you can relax more easily when you need it.

Yoga is certainly not performance-oriented. You don’t have to be flexible. In a quiet and pleasant environment you work within your own limits. That way you learn to listen to your body.


In addition to yoga, there is ample attention for meditation in Mariëlle’s lessons. How often do we have our thoughts on what we experienced yesterday or what we are going to do tomorrow? Through meditation you spend your body and mind being in the same place with your attention being in the here and now. That provides relaxation, a clear mind and a feeling of freedom and happiness. Do you often have the idea that life passes you by? In the here and now you can fully experience life again.

A drop-in lesson costs € 15. If you sign up for an entire season, your contribution is € 370 for 40 lesson weeks. You pay in two installments. And are you unable to attend your regular evening? Then you can catch up with the lesson at a different time in the same week.

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Outside the school holidays:

Tuesday evening
19:30 – 21:00
Yoga & Meditation
afterwards a cup of tea

Wednesday morning
9:30 – 11:00
Yoga & Meditation
afterwards a cup of tea

Thursday evening
19:30 – 21:00
Yoga & Meditation
afterwards a cup of tea

Yoga Together

More sukha by taking time for each other

By practicing Yoga together, you take time for one and a half hours. Together can be with anyone: your child, a good friend or your partner. In each relationship you complement each other in a different way in terms of trust, flexibility and support. You meet the other from your own strength and you have got to know each other better.

A Yoga Together class costs € 80 for an hour and a half.

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Ayurvedic weekendretreats

More sukha with yoga & ayurveda

Fancy a weekend where you can relax and be inspired by Ayurveda? Get acquainted with Ayurveda’s nutrition and lifestyle principles. Or, if you are more experienced, immerse yourself completely in this health theory with dinacharya, yoga classes, delicious food and the beautiful surroundings.

Ayuryoga every day
In-depth Ayurvedic lifestyle, morning routine and Ayurvedic cuisine
2 nights in a double room
All Ayurvedic meals
Cooking workshop with recipes
Dinacharya package worth € 20

€ 449 based on a stay in a double room, excluding tourist tax. Maximum 6 participants. It is of course possible to extend your stay.


Program & Data

Consciously Pregnant –
Giving birth consciously

More sukha through trust in your own body

A pregnancy is a unique experience. New life is growing in you, and your body is the entire universe for this child. By taking good care of yourself, you also take good care of your baby.

We have four children and no birth was the same. The best way to prepare for childbirth is to learn to listen to and trust your own body. It is nice if your partner comes to these individual lessons, so that you can become familiar with the postures and exercises together.

Yoga and Ayurveda have a clear vision on how you can deal with your pregnancy and birth in the most natural way. It’s about letting go and surrendering to what nature demands from you. During the individual lessons you learn exercises that support your body during the changes it undergoes during pregnancy. You learn to listen to your body, so that you feel when you need to take it easy, but also how you can best cope with the contractions.


It is of course also possible to stay with us for a few days during pregnancy with your partner in the Homestay!

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