training en coaching texel

Happiness, pleasure and health

Often we are unconsciously stuck in our own habits and patterns. A condition for getting out of there is perspective. A good reason to break patterns. Jacco will gladly go in search of a new perspective with you, your team, your company. Sometimes that is a different direction. But usually looking at what you are doing now works in a different way very well. A meditation, yoga class or an Ayurvedic view of the business situation can be very useful. Sukha is often closer than you think!

Sukha Texel has excellent facilities for individual coaching, training and team coaching for up to 20 people. A nice space to work in, and an inspiring environment to reflect. Or complete the job that you have been struggling with for ages. You can use all facilities to support you. The ferry literally frees you from the crowds around you. What are you waiting for?

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