Mariëlle holds consultations by appointment. The intake consultation takes 1 to 1.5 hours (€ 90) and follow-up consultations around one hour (€ 70). Follow-up consultations may also take place via ZOOM or Skype. The consultations give you insight into your own constitution and any imbalance. That makes you understand why you feel the way you feel. During the intake consultation you will immediately receive a few practically applicable nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that will make you feel a little better soon. Mariëlle also draws up a treatment plan in consultation with you, which we discuss in the follow-up consultation. Based on this plan we will work step by step on optimizing your lifestyle and diet. Possibly supported with herbal preparations and Ayurvedic treatments.

Reimbursement through health insurance

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mariëlle is affiliated with ANVAG and RBCZ. Consultations and treatments are reimbursed by most health insurers within the supplementary package. Ask your insurer about the conditions or click here. Treatments and yoga sessions that form part of a treatment plan following a consultation are also eligible for reimbursement by health insurers.

Changing lifestyle and diet is a process that needs time. Expert guidance helps enormously. It is therefore advisable to use a minimum of three consultations, so that you can really experience what Ayurveda can do for you.

Sukha Texel & Ayurveda

Sukha Texel also offers room for Indian medicine Ayurveda. Do you want to feel healthier and can you use some help with that? Mariëlle Glorie is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and gives consultations, treatments, lectures and workshops that can support you in this.

According to Ayurveda, every person has a unique constitution. This constitution determines how you look, how you stand in life and where your strength lies. If you live in accordance with your constitution, you are healthy and you feel happy.

sukha texel ayurveda consultFor many people this original balance is disturbed. By, among other things, stress or diet and lifestyle that does not match your constitution, you drift further and further away from this balance. This leads to the experience of discomfort and sometimes also to diseases. You can think of, for example, being overweight, burn-out problems, menstrual and digestive complaints and joint disorders such as RA and osteoarthritis. During an Ayurvedic consultation, Mariëlle determines your constitution and gives you matching lifestyle and nutritional advice to bring you back into balance. Herbal preparations, oil or powder massages or oil pourings can also be part of the treatment plan.

Do you have no complaints, but are you curious about your constitution? Then also make an appointment. It can help you stay healthy.

“By still cooking in Ayurvedic fashion and following your advice, I hardly have any digestive problems anymore that have bothered me for years. Grateful!”


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Healthy Weight & Cleaning
Eat, live and love (yourself) in a way that does you good

In Yoga and Ayurveda, our digestive fire is the gateway to health. If your digestive system is disturbed, waste products will build up in your body. They can cause obesity, but can also lead to rheumatic complaints, for example. Lines then makes no sense. In Ayurveda we focus primarily on strengthening your digestive fire and reducing waste. However, it is not just about food, but about you and who you really are. The appropriate weight for you then follows automatically, because you eat, live and love (yourself) in a way that does you good. Yoga & Ayurveda provide clear guidelines that your unique body really needs.


Do you recognize this? Marielle maps out your situation in a personal consultation and makes a treatment plan tailored to your needs that you can use at home. Of course you will be guided with this.

You can also book a relaxing detox retreat with us. For example, you stay from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning in one of our fine rooms, with treatment tailored to your needs from Monday to Friday. Ask about the options and prices.

* Consultations and treatments resulting therefrom are eligible for reimbursement by most health insurers, if you are additionally insured for this. Ask your insurance company in advance.

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Abhyanga means lubricating with warm oil. During the Ayurvedic massage, warm herbal oil is applied to the skin, which immediately has a relaxing effect. The oil is then massaged into the skin so that it penetrates deep into the tissues and the herbs can do their healing. Both the oil and the massage technique are adapted to your unique constitution. The massage improves blood circulation, removes waste from the tissues, restores physical and mental fatigue, improves stiffness and heaviness of the body and gives a light feeling.
90 minutes € 90


Udvartana is a powder massage in which the entire body is massaged with powder. It lowers kapha and is therefore very suitable for overweight people, it improves the skin, reduces unpleasant body odor and itching.
90 minutes € 90


Shirodhara is an oil pouring, where the oil flows over your forehead in a thin stream. Shirodhara helps with stress related complaints, restlessness, insomnia, headache and high blood pressure. The shirodhara is preferably preceded by abhyanga.
45 minutes € 50, once € 10 for oil


Svedana is a kind of sauna where your head sticks out. The warmth of the svedana makes the body and joints flexible, increases digestion, cleanses the body and relieves fatigue.
15 minutes € 15


The filling of the stamp is determined depending on the imbalance. The stamp massage can be done with or without oil and is used locally, for example with neck and back complaints, as well as over the whole body, such as with overweight.
45 minutes / 90 minutes € 50 / € 90, once-only € 10 for herbal stamps


Nasyam is dripping oil into the nose after the face has been massaged. The oil loosens mucus in the cavities, but can also relieve ringing in the ears, eye problems and headaches.
45 minutes € 50


Kati basti is a warm oil bath on the bottom of your back. The heat of the oil has an analgesic effect and the herbs in the oil have a unique therapeutic effect with hernia, spit, osteoarthritis and other forms of back pain. In combination with Peanut Svedana.
1 hour € 70 (first treatment, then € 60)


Netra basti is a gheebad for the eyes. The pleasant warmth of the ghee has a calming effect on the nervous system and relieves all kinds of eye complaints, such as irritated or dry eyes and glaucoma.
1 hour € 60

* Treatments always result from a consultation with a treatment plan. It is possible to have a short consultation (30 minutes, € 37.50) prior to treatment.